Tuesday, January 21, 2014

That 80s Show

The employment population ratio (fuzzy unadjusted version for fun) has settled into a range last seen in the 1980s. It could even be argued that we are watching that 70s show since the range is not far from the 1970s experience. If we start watching that 60s show again, about 2 percentage points lower, it means the jobs engine is firmly in reverse. Maybe moptops will come back in style.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

US Debt leaps $125.2 billion in one day

In the 24 hours between December 30, 2013 and December 31, 2013, the US debt leaped $125.2 billion. This happens from time to time as treasury sales are settled.

Not to worry, I am thinking that starting this year, the US will not have to spend any of the roughly $2.3 trillion it gets in tax revenue and other sources, and pay down the debt to around $15 trillion, if they suspend all interest payments. Then, after doing that for 7 more years, spending nothing and skipping all interest payments, the debt will be gone by 2022!

On the other hand, I might be too optimistic on how efficiently the government will be run.