Friday, July 29, 2016

Deep Fried Twitter Fritter v.10

Twitter teased me last month with a short term trend of smaller quarterly losses. This quarter, they are back to business as unusual with a fresh $107.2 million loss. Fortunately, idiot investors bought 1.72 million newly printed stock shares so they can keep making payroll and paying out fat bonuses. Since the OC fair is in progress, it seemed appropriate to deep fry this edition of Twitter Fritter. You can also get it dipped in chocolate for an extra $1.

Here are the updated GAAP net earnings since they went public.

Updated fundamentals:
1/8/2013 - twitter IPO stock price $41.65
1/3/2014 - twitter high stock price $69.00
1/13/2016 - twitter closing stock price $18.69, 682.95 million shares outstanding
5/11/2016 - twitter closing stock price $14.59, 694.85 million shares outstanding
7/28/2016 - twitter closing stock price $16.31, 696.57 million shares outstanding

Twitter stock change from IPO price: -60%

Dividend: Are you kidding me?
EPS: -0.60

The EPS keeps improving because the number of outstanding shares keeps growing. Denominators for the win!