Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Chase cracking the interest rate whip

The 30-year Treasury bond is yielding 1.87% today. That's not a lot of interest for locking your money up for 30 years. Enterprising banks have a better sourcce of interest: their customers. I got this notice via email from Chase regarding my Amazon credit card. In ancient history (1970s), banks had hard limits on the amount of interest they could charge on credit cards, now, not so much. If you miss ONE MINIMUM PAYMENT, Chase will penalize you with a 29.99% interest rate on the balance. If you catch up on all payments, they might reduce it, or the penalty APR could potentially remain in effect INDEFINITELY. Whatever they feel like at the time. I cringe at these harsh terms and laugh at the same time because I always pay the balance to zero between one and three times a month, whatever I feel like at the time. Still, it's like a one-strike death penalty.

They altered the terms of the deal. Pray they don't alter them further.