Friday, December 15, 2023

Going Long

Made some big moves in retirement accounts in the last couple of months. The boldest, and luckiest, was going 100% SP500 in one of my accounts at the end of October. Stocks have had a giddy run since then. Gave me the vapors. In January, I will reallocate that back to a more reasonable mix.

In my other account, I started nibbling on EDV a month ago as the inflation related data started to show real signs of cooling. This week, the Fed all but declared victory by suggesting rate cuts could happen next year. That ignited another boom in all assets. I started to flesh out my bond ladder again in the 2-3 year range with treasury notes, added more EDV, and also picked up some TLT. I expect my bond weighting to be slightly heavier next year compared to 2023.

Corporate bonds have been an anomoly this year. New issues for investment grade bonds are usually at a slight premium over treasuries but that hasn't been the case in a while. Most of the stuff I see from AAA to A is trading at a lower yield than treasuries of the same duration. I still have one corporate issue on my ladder, but it will roll off in 2026. The premium may be back by then.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Juicy Interest Rates Juiced

I pulled the trigger on a 3 year agency yielding 6.000%. I have some other T-bills maturing soon so I might commit a little more in the 2-3 year duration range. Money markets still look great short term until we get a definitive signal from the Fed that the hikes are over. I plan to follow the fattest part of the curve as it eventually moves out. EDV has been slaughtered over the last three years and is near all time lows. It's a riskier play, but could be a nice booster when it is clear the rate environment has changed. That may not be clear until next summer or later.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Juicy Interest Rates are Juicy

Six month T-bills are yielding 5.41% and I can lock in 5.858% on 5 year agencies. Surprisingly, you have to drop down to barely investment grade corporates to get that kind of yield. With inflation coming down at a moderate clip, Fed watchers expect one or two more quarter point hikes before rates settle. These aren't the once in a lifetime yields on treasuries that could be had in the 1980s, but they look pretty darn good compared to stocks that feel a little toppy. I don't plan to change my portfolio allocations much, maybe lean in a little more on the short end as the bottom of the bond ladder matures.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Champion of the Dollar

Dollar Death Spiral was started during the 2008 financial crisis to explore alternatives to fiat currency with an early focus on precious metals. The 2008 crisis exposed mismanagement and abuse by the banking sector and failures to regulate perverse incentives. While enormous damage was done to the global economy during that crisis, the mismanagement looks almost trivial when compared to the crypto ecosystem and the joke term "web3". Crypto has no management, no principles, and no regulation. It's really worse than the wild west because it is actively pernicious.

The ecosystem thrives on theft, lies, money laundering, ponzi schemes, and anything to cheat people out of their valuable fiat money. Ironically, Dollar Death Spiral has become a champion of the dollar and government run fiat money. That doesn't mean there isn't ongoing mismanagement and mistakes in the fiat system. But by comparison, the fiat system is a rock of stability and competency. There is a reason the wildcat banks didn't last and crypto should not last either. It is a much bigger threat and deserves as much derision as I can pour on it.

Long live the Dollar.

Monday, February 13, 2023