Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cullen Roche's Biggest Myths in Investing

Cullen Roche is currently my favorite financial blogger for many reasons not worth elaborating. He published a list of investing myths that really covers a wide swath of the investing world and I thought worth repeating. Grab a cup of coffee and see if you agree. Good Stuff!

Biggest Myths in Investing


  1. Enjoyed Myth #5.

    I wish he would have mentioned TIPS though. Hard to lose money, even in real terms, by buying a 1% (above inflation) long-term TIPS and holding to maturity.

    As I've said many times before, I have no problem holding long-term TIPS *and* rooting for higher long-term interest rates.

    Further, just because the Fed is pushing up short-term rates, that does not guarantee that long-term rates will continue to rise.

    That's especially true in this brave new and improved super-resilient economy where all lessons have been learned and nothing can possibly ever break again.*

    * Some sarcasm added for comedic effect. ;)

    1. Stagflationary Mark,

      Yes, TIPS would be been a good mention, but at least he highlights that bonds held to maturity aren't affected by rising rates. I think he is light in some areas but overall pretty useful.