Monday, January 30, 2017

Calculated Risk Comment Site Nuked

During and after the Great Recession, I used to hang out quite a bit on the CalculatedRisk Blog site. The comment section was a separate web site filled with an eclectic, but generally bright mix of people from all walks of life. Each had a different view of the elephant that is our financial system. Over the years, I drifted away, but would still occasionally read the blog posts.

On January 25, the comment site administrator posted that the comment site was shutting down indefinitely.

The last time I visited the comments, some of the old regulars were still there, but there were also some active trolls, doing what the Internet does -- turning everything into Boaty McBoatface. A long time ago, it was useful resource, but it had become a toilet and finally got flushed. Good call, Bill.